About Us

Cyberedge Web Solutions has been helping companies achieve business goals worldwide. With vast experience & expertise in technology, and by following international best practices, we provide clients with innovative, integrated web-based solutions. Cyberedge Web Solutions is headquartered in Nashik, India. Our dynamic team of talented and skilled professionals has diverse experience and expertise in IT, marketing, business, and design. The team strives to delivers world-class quality economically and effectively. It ensures project delivery on time and within budgets, through latest project management techniques and processes. We are committed to be a leading player in the Global Outsourcing Market, by using Knowledge Management and world-class project delivery models.

With the highest standards for communication, teamwork, and professional excellence, we are firmly committed to our clients’ success.

Our Vision

To build efficiencies in business to help increase profits.

Our Mission

To delight every Customer, by offering cost effective and world class web solutions, for enhancing their businesses.



infrastructure icon Cyberedge Web Solutions has its own dedicated development centers in Nashik. We offer world-class communication and connectivity capabilities in a protected, secure environment so you’ll never worry about slow connections, compromised data, or the latest virus.

  • Dedicated Internet Access with backup connectivity, providing for multiple redundancies
  • Firewall Protection for the entire network ensuring complete data, information and site security
  • Latest virus protection and intrusion detection software, safeguarding data and workstations
  • Powerful LAN Backup and Business Continuity Procedures ensure quick and effective data recovery
  • 24-hour security in the building


Our Team

ourteam icon Our team of skilled technology and creative specialists work with you to provide a customized solution to meet your exact business and budgetary requirements. Our team includes Business Analyst, Project Manager, Project Leader, System Analyst, Software Quality tester, Software Developer & Programmers in various platforms. Our team is expert on various platforms.


  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Photoshop
  • Dreamweaver
  • Flash
  • XML
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • ASP
  • VB
  • VB.NET
  • MVC/C#
  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Crystal Report
  • Data Reports
  • SQL Reporting


methodology icon We approach every project with a firm commitment to your business and marketing objectives, and work collaboratively to achieve those goals. While every client has unique needs, we approach every project with a consistent methodology in accordance with international best practices. The delivery process for projects includes a mix of on-site development & implementation work and also offshore development work, as per the needs of the project. We offer the best talent to the project under the supervision of a professional team of technical experts.

Cyberedge’s Project Management Approach

Project Planning

The project starts with a professional team of project managers, who architect the project and define the scope of the project. The project manager is responsible for the scope definitions and signoff from the client. Once the scope is defined, the production team takes over the design and development.

Requirement Analysis

Our Project Managers and Business Analyst are involved in following step –

  • Meeting authorized representatives of the client in understanding the requirement.
  • Detailed Business and System Analysis
  • Drawing the Organisation Structure and the Responsibility Matrix
  • Preparing the Global Master Tables that would be required
  • Preparing the Document of Understanding and getting it approved along with the phases and milestones in the implementation process.

High Level Design – Study and Normalization of Legacy Data (If Required) – The would be managed by the Project Manager and Developer. This stage involves study of legacy data and the applications, which use this data along with its use in the proposed system. This stage also involves normalization of the legacy by way of either data conversion or fresh data entry as may be required.

Prototype Building – Building a Prototype and Getting it Approved – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developer. This phase involves design of screens along with the proposed navigation/ modules.

Detail Design – System Design – This would be managed by the Project Manager. This phase involves High Level System Design, Basic Architectural framework and Database design for the Application.

Development – This would be managed by the Project Manager, and Developers. This phase involves development of the application and its flow as per planned scheduled.

Testing – Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Testers. This phase involves QA testing for functional defects including stress testing, regression testing, integration testing and performance tuning. Any defects will be corrected prior to completion and launch of the application.

Intermediate and Final Releases – Release in a Controlled Environment – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developers. This phase involves release of the application to a group of users for testing the functionalities on a testing server and gets their feedback. We make use of various tools like MIS reports, Control Totals to ensure data accuracy with regards to information been entered. Bugs and Changes, if any would be done before final release/delivery.

Final Delivery – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developers. All application related files will be transferred to the production server and implemented.

Documentation and Training

Documentation – This would be managed by the Project Managers and Developers. Necessary and agreed documents would be provided to the client, which includes user and administrator manual.

Training – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developers. We will be providing hands-on training to the designated users of the clients.

Post Implementation support – Project Life Cycle Development Support – This would be managed by the Project Manager and Developers. We would monitor the system and provide support during the production implementation for a mutually agreed period.

Project Management – Sign-Off This would be managed by the Project Manager. Cyberedge Web Solutions on completion of the SLDC period would then sign-off with the client as per the terms and condition in the purchase order. Daily/Weekly log reports/Activity sheets and Review – This would be managed by the Project Director, Project Manager and Developer.

Daily/Weekly log reports/Activity sheets of the Project Manager and the Developers deployed on the job will be presented to the Officer of client’s on a predefined periodic basis.